Many of our competitors simply set and forget you, but at STH Consultants we manage every part of your banking relationship process and become the intermediary for the firm, freeing you from the stress of dealing with a Bank.

Our Solutions

Our strong relationship with capital providers and depth of experience and expertise ensures that STH Consultants can offer cost effective solutions to any financing requirement.

Some of the key outputs are:

  • Stretching financial leverage as appropriate;
  • Pricing – using our know-how and competitive tension to ensure optimum pricing outcomes are obtained (full debt costing analysis – effect of line fees, hidden ‘liquidity margins’);
  • Platform – ensuring the best bankers with the right competencies are engaged;
  • Risk mitigation (self-contained security, split banking, recourse, etc); and
  • Terms (headroom, compliance, covenants)

The Finance Process

The individual financing needs and requirements of each client varies. At STH Consultants we follow a structured path to implement an optimal funding solution:

Detailed consultation to determine your goals (short term and long term) and aspirations.
Assessment of the various finance options available and recommendation of the right solution for YOU.
Compilation and presentation of credit submission to lenders.
Securing formal approval and negotiating terms and conditions with the lender, ensuring that the approval is in line with expectations. Managing any conditions precedent to loan settlements are satisfied to streamline the process and ensure timeliness of settlement.
Co-managing on-going relationship with the Financier to ensure continuity of service and relationship.